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Welcome to the future.  

Mobilistar use Augmented Reality, Computer Vision and gesture recognition to develop cutting-edge apps and software for business, consumers, institutions and events.




Our vision has brought us to meet the great and the good of the tech world, from individuals such as Larry Page (Google C.E.O) to Robert Scoble (Scobleizer) to large-scale seminars at the BBC and Phillips.  Mobilistar's founder, Howard Ogden, has contributed to Wired Magazine, Reuters, The Washington Post as well as highly-respected industry white-papers.  He's also presented around the world on topics such as mobile marketing, Augmented Reality and Wearable Computing.  Without doubt, the AR concepts we developed in 2009 shaped the next years of AR and broadened awareness of this technology.  

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Mobilistar will bring your concepts to life by fusing together API's, platforms and software (open source or proprietary) to create tools and applications that will break new ground.  Working on the bleeding edge of technology requires a holistic knowledge of the technological landscape.  Mobilistar brings years of AR experience, as well as 2 decades of digital experience to the table. Our straightforward approach will ensure that you know how, and how much, your project will cost to build before a single piece of code is written.



We pride ourselves on developing reliable software on time and within budget.  Our network of developers have worked for some of the biggest names in the business -  Google & Microsoft to name just two.  Our agile methodology ensures you are fully appraised throughout the development cycle.



Google [2011]





* European Commission  [Government, EU]
* Google [Tech, UK]
* JWT [Advertising, UK]
* Rexam PLC [FMCG, UK]
* Yellow Pages [Publishing, EU]
* Universal Records /  The Scissor Sisters [Entertainment, UK] 
* Polydor /  The Rolling Stones [Entertainment, UK]
* Williams Lea /  Philips  [Consumer Electronics / Retail, UK]
* Three [Telecoms, UK]
* MTS [Telecoms, RU]
* funda [Real Estate, NL]
* Purple Media / O2 [Telecoms, UK]
* Plum Pictures [Entertainment, UK]
* BBC Worldwide [Entertainment, UK]
* Bayar Pharmaceuticals [Pharmaceuticals, UK]




*  Highly-engaging gesture-based, AR & Computer Vision solutions
*  Pre-sales, planning & delivery
*  Mobile Augmented Reality
*  Next-generation kiosks & exhibitition stands
*  Smartphones & tablet apps
*  Wearables & HUD apps
*  Visual Search & Image Recognition
*  Concept design

Our services include:

* Creative & technical consultancy

* Concept design and development
* Industry insight & analysis
* R&D and prototyping
* Project management
* Speaking engagements
* Training & Innovation days
* Mobile marketing

About Us

Section image reality landscape

In 2009, the founder of Mobilistar realised the enormous impact that augmented reality would have: that AR will rapidly become just the way we do things. All the time. Almost everywhere.

Without a moment's hestitation he snapped-up the domain and started developing AR apps for Android, including the Beatles AR Tour, scoring a big hit in the imagination of journalists - and the general public - worldwide. 

In a seemingly unstoppable wave of ideas and creativity, there were suddenly 18 apps developed in-house - ranging from Real Estate to Fast Food and Public Transport AR apps.  If you go over to AugmentReality, it's still there, as a memorial to a super-productive, creative and pioneering period of our history.

And then the clients came....

First it was Yellow Pages, we developed 3 apps for them in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland.  Every single listing they had, we created a geolocated AR point of interest with multiple calls to action (call / email the business).  Don't forget, this was seriously early days for this technology - we are talking Q4 2009 here.

Then it got a little crazy,  we started to work with some of the biggest companies in the world.  For example, Universal contacted us - could we develop an iOS and Android app for the Rolling Stones?!  We did, and in the process pioneered Facebook to AR technology for the app. 

After 4 years and thousands of hours of honing our skills, it is our ability to create best-fit solutions based on the needs of our client that is one of our key strengths.  

Our experience working with such a diverse client base almost guarantees that we've got ready-to-roll concepts for your needs.  Whether you're an artist, an event organiser, museum or landmark or blue-chip, we can creating an interactive experience which will engage, educate and entertain your audience. 

We are comprehensively locked-in to the latest developments in the industry and liaise with all the key AR browsers, platforms and engines on the market.  As an independent provider we do not need to push any particular product or solution to meet quotas, meaning we are free to advise you on the solution that works for you.

Commercial opportunities abound! In the retail sector, kiosks, Point of Sale (POS) and Out of Home (OOH) advertising are being AR-enabled. Entirely new revenue streams are being created and business processes are being revolutionised.

Don't delay.  Join the ARevolution!

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